Getting Media Attention For Your Business w/ Sharmila Ganapathy (VIDEO)

Would you like to get into the media and be featured in the news? How do some people always get featured in online and printed media? Why and how did they get the attention of the newspaper editor or journalist?

Knowing how to get publicity for your business is a key skill because publicity is free marketing. You become more credible too as a third party wrote about you, putting you into the limelight and highlighting all your positives!

If you have not thought about media publicity as a marketing strategy, it’s time to do so.

Episode 31 of our FB Live featured Sharmila Ganapathy, a business and technology copywriter, editor and media consultant who gave great tips about getting the media spotlight for your business and you. You don’t want to miss any of her power tips in this video below.

Sharmila Ganapathy is a B2B business and technology copywriter and editor, and media consultant with more than 18 years of experience writing business and tech content for various publications. She was formerly the Southeast Asia editor for regional business-technology publication KrASIA.

Also a former contributing editor to popular tech website Digital News Asia, she has in the past worked with notable business publications such as KINIBIZ, Smart Investor, and The Edge Malaysia. Her areas of speciality include general business, finance, economics,
telecommunications and technology.

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