7 Days & 7 Ways to Improve Your Website Visibility

Business owners are usually stumped when it comes to promoting their websites. If you have spent time and energy and money on getting a website designed, you should be getting people to visit! 

Google receives more than 5 billion search requests on average a day! That’s a lot of potential viewers you don’t want to be missing out on, and securing a spot on the first pages of a search engine is no easy task (although if you work with us at Redbox Studio, we usually do pretty well in terms of organic ranking for our websites). 

To help you get started, we’ve compiled 7 simple steps you can use to boost your website visibility within a week!

DAY 1: Announce your new website
The worst thing that could happen is no one knowing your website and business exist! So email your contacts and associates and put up announcements on your social media. WhatsApp folks you know. Tell them you’re in business!

DAY 2: Set up your professional profiles properly on LinkedIn and FB 
Social media profiles often appear in search results. The objective is to ensure many ways for people to find you, so make sure your profiles are complete with all the right information to help you with brand consistency. If you have a personal FB and a company FB page, update both! 

DAY 3: Claim your Google My Business. Not only does it help with your SEO and ranking on search engines, but it also prevents ‘poachers’ from using your GMB page to lure customers away. 

DAY 4: Put your website address in your email signature (add an offer!)
This is such a simple method to create more visibility for your business. To make it more exciting, give people a reason to visit your website. Ours is that you can get a free download and uncover 10 common website mistakes most business owners make.

DAY 5: Create content
Today is the day to plan and create some content for your website and social media. Content doesn’t have to be long-form articles; plan some short-form content such as tips that you can share quickly (on FB or LinkedIn). You can draft long-form content too and have 1-3 articles ready. Not the writing sort? Make some videos about the topics you can easily speak about.

DAY 6: Share your content out there! 
Make sure you have content on your website first (see Day 5 above). Content can be articles or videos (and yes,  videos are a great attraction).  Next, share this content on your social media pages. This ensures that people who are interested will click on the link and be brought back to your website to read the article or watch the video. The idea is to get people to know about your business first, NOT to make a sale (not yet anyway). People won’t buy from you if they don’t know you yet. (That said, have you seen our 99 social media tips to help you power up your social media savviness?)

DAY 7: Engage with people.
Get talking to people who react/respond to your social media content. You don’t have to get into a lengthy conversation (although this can be incredibly wonderful if you can do so) simple acknowledgements such as ‘Thank you for your comment’ or an emoji or GIF reaction should suffice. But keep it genuine and avoid using cookie-cutter responses. The secret is to engage and keep your business top of mind! 

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