The Insurance Business & Family Business w/ Uncle Khor & Khor Pee Lynn (VIDEO)

Last Saturday, we had another interesting discussion topic which is about family businesses. We spoke to Khor Pee Lynn and her father, Khor Hock Hui or fondly known as Uncle Khor about what it feels like to run an insurance agency business together.

In this case, family isn’t just about the father-daughter relationship. Pee Lynn’s mother and Pee Lynn’s husband are also involved in the business.

You can read Uncle Khor’s story at his website and he has always believed that his daughter, Pee Lynn, should take over his successful insurance business, even as early as when she was finishing up her Form 5.

But this is not just a conversation about their agency and business. It is also about what it takes to run a successful insurance agency and Uncle Khor shares plenty of anecdotes and snappy, memorable acronyms that he uses to train his teams such as PHD, POS and more.

Uncle Khor is also a veteran of the insurance business. He has been doing this for 43 years and talks about his magic number, 642 and why he always wanted his daughter to inherit his empire. He is also one of the top recruiting ambassadors for Great Eastern Life, Malaysia.

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