Chocolates, Entrepreneurship & Sabah Cocoa Farmers (VIDEO)

What were you doing at 11 years old? I bet you weren’t a CEO of your own enterprise!

I discovered Armand bin Idrizam and his chocolate business through his mother and was really amazed that this 11-year old boy (with the help of his family) is running a business that makes chocolate snacks and goodies.

I reached out to his mother, Nina Othman and she was only too happy to have me speak to her son, Armand. (I knew of Nina as I had interviewed her as my guest on my podcast last year. You can listen to that episode with Nina here.)

Nina herself is helping to create more awareness for Borneo-grown cocoa and it was simply natural that her enterprising son decided to start a cocoa-based business right out of his home in Sabah.

During the recent Raya festivities, he made and promoted his Afghan cookies which were made using the cocoa that is sourced from the local cocoa farmers in his community. He even had videos of himself promoting the cookies and talking about the cocoa that he uses.

Armand’s company is named Koko Loko and he produces cookies, granola, peanut butter and 70% cocoa chocolate bricks, made with cocoa sourced from Sabah cocoa farmers.

Armand shows off the cocoa bean pod of the cocoa tree (or is it a plant?)

Armand also created a crowdfunding site and raised RM26,655 to start his own mini chocolate factory. His ‘Do Good, Eat Chocolate’ factory is meant to help locals who have lost their jobs during the MCO and he is even dedicating a portion of profits to green programmes in Sabah. Check out his FB;

And remember, he is only 11!

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Armand experimenting with chocolate recipes in his home kitchen

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