FB Live: Email As A Growth Strategy with Michelle Grimsley

We spoke about email strategy in this video below because it seems these days, everyone is saying that email is dead and email doesn’t work and email can’t get to the intended recipient!

One woman begs to differ.

She uses email with such astounding success in selling and offering services and items that hers would be the first email people rush to open and read! (We’ve been her customers too – buying amazing preloved items from her email.)

Krista talks to Michelle of Spiral Synergy about using email to grow her customers and business.

So we asked Michelle Grimsley of Spiral Synergy to come onto our FB Live to talk about how she uses email and her 4600+ subscribers/customers to grow her business in Penang.

Email is what she uses to differentiate herself from others since she started her business in 2009.

She is the affable woman whom everyone knows in Penang (she could be the mayor of the suburb she lives in) and she brings the expatriate community and local community together. In her business, she organises shopping fairs, special cultural and makan-makan events.

She also puts together tours, talks and outings in and around Penang (even now but in smaller numbers but in no less creative ways). Prior to the pandemic, she brought her unique fairs to Kuala Lumpur too.

Michelle spent the first 20 years of her working life in clothing and textile manufacturing and consulting. She moved to Penang with her family in 2006 and she fell in love with Penang leading her to start Spiral Synergy Sdn Bhd, a niche event and marketing business that uses email marketing as the foundation of the business.

In this one hour, she underscored the point that new sales come from old or existing customers, how customers can bring you even more customers, one book she read that exemplified what sales is really about and how it’s not even about the list eventually (or even the size of your list for that matter).

She has been promoting the island’s culture and heritage through her company and email is her foundation (and another secret weapon too which she uses in conjunction with email – she talks about this in the video above).

One of her recent events was a trishaw ride for her customers around Penang while playing “I Spy” which surprised even her as she truly saw some fascinating sights around Penang. To date, her most popular outing is to watch the fireflies of Nibong Tebal which she has organised more than 100 times!

To her, nothing is more satisfying than knowing her events and her newsletter have brought people together in Penang to enjoy the best that Penang has to offer!

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