FB Live: The Write Stuff With Chan Li Jin

This 15 May, we will be presenting our 26th episode of FB Live with Chan Li Jin who is a writer based in Kuala Lumpur. For past episodes of our series, check out and subscribe to the Redbox Studio Youtube channel.

We will be talking about writing as a career, how to write it right and succeed in the industry as Jin, as she fondly known, has tonnes of experiences based on her 20 years in the writing industry.

We will get Jin to answer some of these questions that every newbie writer or freelance writer or copywriter have in mind:

  • Can you actually make money from writing?
  • Where do you get a constant flow of ideas?
  • How do you write so effortlessly? It takes me 5 times the time and effort!
  • Can you teach me to become a better writer? How and where do I get started?
  • Is there a secret formula to getting paid writing gigs?
  • How do I carve a niche for myself in a saturated writing market?
  • Do I need to specialise to make it as a writer?

Jin has written for Reader’s Digest Asia, Urban Health, and Malaysian Women’s Weekly in the past two decades. She turned her childhood writing passion into a career when she turned 30 – she began writing articles for websites!

Over time, she decided to specialise in health writing as she was passionate about medical and health issues. Soon after, she involved herself in advocacy, humanitarian work and community development.

She eventually came to co-author the book, ‘Immunisation Controversies’ with two of Malaysia’s leading paediatricians, and served in several medical NGOs before settling in a health technology company driving medical innovations today.

Besides writing, Li Jin who is a mother of four grown-up children holds a certificate in Permaculture Design by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and was the founder of SUBUR Community Gardens, a social enterprise that hopes to encourage people to learn about sustainability and understand their food source.

This Johor native who has made her home in Kuala Lumpur is a keen gardener with an interest in sustainable living such as composting, companion planting, soil creation and seed-saving.

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