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Last week, I was invited to get on FB Live with two friends, Joyce Wong and Gideon Ng, who are the hosts of Book Date With You.

Their FB Live is all about books as the hosts introduce books, talk about their favourite books of the week and what they learnt in each book.

They invited me to talk about our book, Web Wisdom, as they both bought our book sometime last year when we ran a promotion.

Web Wisdom is a book that Nic and I wrote because we realized many people had misconceptions about websites and some even feel that websites are not relevant in the day and age of social media. They didn’t know how to use websites to market themselves and they didn’t realize that websites are such powerful marketing tools, if they are designed and written from a marketing perspective.

As Gideon repeated my own words to me – a website is your headquarters! That was true in 2016 and it is still true today in 2021.

When we wrote the book in 2016, we wanted the book to be the kind of book that we love – a book that you can refer to over and over again instead of just a one-time read. It should be packed with actionable knowledge that you can use to improve your website. It should also be filled with our experience of explaining to readers what works and what doesn’t work!

As book-lovers, Nic and I have read a plethora of business, marketing and strategy books. I personally know which books I’d go back to again and again. When we wrote our book, we wanted our book to be that kind of book and useful to your business no matter where you are in your business journey.

It is written for business owners but we know that even web designers find our book useful (many have used it to help them improve their SEO!). Many web designers have used our book to fill in the gaps of what they don’t know.

If you want to find out more about the book and other strategies that I shared about online marketing, check out the video replay on FB.

I shared about:

– the Easter egg we planted in the book (which got Gideon surprised and excited)
– how a website should be used (it’s not about website vs FB page by the way)
– what else you can use a website for (hint: it’s everything to do with your brand)
– how to get people excited to visit your website
– how to get visible in a saturated market online (I share my own strategy!)

If you want to get visible online, you might want to check out a private webinar that I will be teaching in April. Details here.

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