5 March: Creating Effective Website Content

I’ll be sharing about website content creation this Friday, 5 March as part of the Women Netpreneur series organised by Gorgeous Geeks and SMECorp.

Most of the time when I get invited to speak, I will talk about marketing but this time, I am zooming in on how you can create effective website content.

Creating the right content means getting your website visitors to take the next action instead of turning them off and making them leave!

I’ll be sharing examples from our own work so you can see the strategies in action.

After all, we do want our website visitors to do something on our websites. It may not be buying from your website unless you run an ecommerce website. Even if you do run an ecommerce website, most people don’t buy immediately the moment they land on your website.

Haven’t you had moments where you’ve been intrigued by a product you see on a shopping site but hesitated to put it into the shopping cart and checked out and completed the transaction?

I decided to talk about website content as opposed to website copywriting as website content deals with more than just words on the website.

Content comprises headlines, body text, images and even the individual website elements on your website. The right content helps you convince visitors and creates more trust in your business, company and products and positions you in a better light!

Inaccurate, badly written or poor content reflects on your business terribly and makes your business one that people wouldn’t trust nor buy from!

I am part of a trio of speakers – you can continue to listen to the two other speakers too. The event presents topics on augmented reality by Anubhav Nayyar of Snapchat and digital payment solutions by Tan Chia Wei of MPay.

So if you want to find out how you can improve your own website content, join me this Friday for an interactive learning session. Register at: bit.ly/3k1RVtj

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