What Can I Do To Market My Business?

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Q: Our website is on the first page of Google but we haven’t received any queries from it. The ones that we are getting are all from direct referral from people we know.

A: Being on the first page of Google results is just one of the first and many steps to get visible. Just like being on social media like FB and LinkedIn is the first step to getting visible. 

Contextually most new business websites won’t even rank anywhere on the first page (without paid SEO). 

The websites that we develop for clients always rank on the first page of Google without fail. This is not due to any magic – this is achievable and doable by anyone but it takes research, for instance, knowing what search terms we want our clients to rank for and how to work those search terms seamlessly into the entire website from page navigation to copywriting. If you want to find out how we work through the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) process for each website we develop, get our book.

Ranking well is the first step to creating visibility and your website has already checked that box. Imagine if someone heard of your business, googled and couldn’t find your website to read more about you and your business – how would that look? So ranking well helps add that extra boost of credibility when people are searching for you or your business online. 

Another way to raise your visibility is to put out content related to your expertise. This is where we encourage you to write more and update more on your website. Publish articles monthly related to your business offering on your website – your thoughts about business, etc. Share these article links on your LinkedIn so that people know what you offer. 

Next, offer to speak on other people’s platforms (this creates massive visibility and these days it is so easy to get on virtual events)! Look for opportunities to speak to continue creating that visibility about your work. Or why not start speaking on your own platform? It’s easy these days to create your own webinar or FB Live session.

Look into complementary partnerships with people in the industry. Who could you partner up to co-market each other? You could start with talking to people first (don’t rush into any collaborations but take time to research that person and the business). 

Who does your prospect/customer need to talk to even if they are working with you? What other businesses would they need with them? Look for these businesses and see if there’s a match and if they want to work out something together. Who are the people you could work with within your industry? 

You could email people who already know you and ask them if they know anyone who could be a good prospect for you. This gives you the opportunity to reconnect with folks you may not have emailed in a long while telling them you need their help in looking out for business contacts or any opportunities they can send your way. 

Think about questions that prospects or clients ask you and write your responses to those questions and they become your articles. But don’t let the article just sit on the website forlornly. Share that article on all social media platforms. Send them to friends. 

I hope this helps you understand marketing especially marketing for service providers.

Our goal is not to sell our services, our goal is to sell trust. 

If people trust us, they will send clients our way or become our clients. But also know that in our service businesses, the sales cycle is not immediate like buying a book or a dress on an e-commerce website.

It is a much longer sales cycle because the investment needs to be preceded by discussions but it is made easier if you can point prospects to your website to find out what you offer and demonstrate that you have credibility.  

Perhaps the missing piece is ensuring contacts and folks know you’re in business and are able to send business or refer the right target your way.

If you know your target are organisations with a certain need or problem, where else can you find similar organisations that need your help like these organisations? Where do their people hang out? What groups or forums are they on? What keeps them up at night?  What problems that they need to solve but perhaps don’t know at this moment that they have a problem? 

Marketing is a long-term game and it is always challenging but it can be fun and exciting too. It’s always tougher when you’re a new business owner but that’s why you’ve come to Redbox Studio – we’re not just here to develop your website like most web designers; we’re here to help ensure your business succeeds.

Your business must start with a credible website because, without credible websites, service businesses cannot demonstrate their expertise and experience. And even with the right website, you still need to work at marketing because that’s what business is about!

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