FB Live: Developing High-Performance Habits w/ Daniel Yeo (Video)

If you missed our session this morning, here’s the replay video of our FB Live session.

Everyone wants to know about being a high-performer be it at work or in business or even in our relationships with others. In this video, I talk to Singaporean Daniel Yeo of Alive Consultancy Global and he doesn’t talk about strategies at all; instead, he focuses on intentions, mindfulness and knowing oneself.

He believes that knowing oneself means the ability to catch oneself when one is falling into patterns of disruption and this is how we get to improve and be our best selves.

Daniel Yeo is a professional certified coach and he became one because he himself fell into a depressive mode. In searching for a solution, he came across mindfulness. That is how he decided that he would like to help others too in this capacity after leaving the corporate world where he had worked for the past 26 years.

(Our last one slated for January didn’t materialize due to the cyclone that was headed towards Fiji where Emma Newland, our guest, was residing. So we have postponed that session to 27 March where hopefully as the cyclone season ends, we will be able to have our conversation about creating a more livable Earth through more conscious businesses.)

Daniel shared a link where you can get a profiling assessment done (watch the video above) as well as a book that will be helpful for you if you’re interested in improving yourself or at least finding out what you can do for yourself in these changing times.

We also brought in a guest, Sharmila, who asked a question on-screen.

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Daniel trained as an engineer and moved into areas of business development and sales performance, leadership development as well as people engagement.

What he does particularly well is teaching and training in areas of resilience, influence, performance and emotional-based leadership with clients such as Dyson, Dell, Telenor Group, Agilent Technologies, Singapore Ministry of Education, Keppel Land China, Geely Auto, School of Management and Fudan University of Shanghai.

We wanted to talk to Daniel as resilience, influence, performance and emotional-based leadership are increasingly needed qualities in today’s world in flux.

Besides coaching, training and facilitation, Daniel is also a certified practitioner of Enneagram Personality Profiling, 6 Seconds and DISC. He is also a University of Oxford Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy facilitator and a professional certified coach with the International Coach Federation. He is also with the International Enneagram Association and the American Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Find out more about Singaporean Daniel Yeo at his website: Alive Consultancy.

Our next FB Live happens on 13 March and I will be speaking to someone who will teach us how to use Google products to enhance our businesses.

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