Virtual Training for Real Estate Negotiators – January CPD Programme

What do real estate agents and real estate negotiators need to know about online marketing?

How do real estate agents leverage their websites and other online marketing assets to attract leads into their business and stand out in an ocean of real estate agents?

What about combining creative offline and online strategies to market property?

And how do agents sit through this awful lull in the business when we’re all under the second round of MCO lockdown?

When I was contacted last year, I was asked if I could teach real estate agents how to market themselves online. This was a request that came from a friend who was helping her friend with their real estate agency in Kuala Lumpur.

As a newbie agent, she herself wanted to find out how to use online marketing strategies to gain visibility.

That’s how I created this full-day virtual training for her and her friend based on what we have been teaching all this while but with a special focus on real estate agents’ needs in Malaysia.

It’s a closed door training (online) for licensed real estate agents and negotiators who want to:

  • understand what going digital means and what the entire journey of marketing online entails
  • take charge of their own marketing online  
  • develop a credible online profile and presence to drive leads instead of getting compared and hammered by their competitors (it’s a saturated market out there!)

The virtual training is also open to registered valuers, appraisers, estate agents, negotiators and property managers.

All participants will receive an e-certificate and CDP points as this is training that is approved by the Malaysian Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers (under the purview of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance).

Originally scheduled for 14 January as listed on the official website, we have pushed it out to this coming Tuesday 26 January.

I’ll be speaking about the importance of having an online marketing ecosystem for the real estate business (marketing should never be haphazard and follow trends just because some people are doing some stuff that looks hip). We call it an ecosystem because it’s an interconnected system of components. This system circles back upon itself.

As I have always emphasized, people will always buy because of trust. It doesn’t matter what you are selling. And if you are selling an apartment, a bungalow, a shop, a piece of land, an office lot, you need to create massive trust as properties are quite an investment!

Before trust happens, you need people to know you and like you. That’s awareness-building.

Most people think that having one FB advertisement will do magic and wonders for their business. It doesn’t.

Marketing is a multi-step process and each step takes the prospect nearer to knowing, liking and trusting you.

If you’re running a FB ad, the ad should lead to a landing page (on your website). What you offer on your landing page depends on who you are targeting and what this group really wants to know. This is why understanding your target audience is important. Without this, you’ll be all over the place wondering why the ad didn’t pull any leads.

But once someone gets to your landing page, what should she see or read to convince her that she should sign up for whatever you’re offering her?

What if she gets to your website first instead of the landing page? (Must you focus on SEO to do so?) What must she see or read in order to be convinced that you’re the real deal? What website elements must be in place? After all, your website is your ultimate marketing destination and asset if you intend to market long-term online.

And what next? What about social media? How should you use social media with your website? Should you post daily updates to your FB and Instagram?

What do you do with the names and emails that you have collected through your landing page? This is what I will be talking about in the training. There’s this thing we call CEC that needs to happen.

One of the best things about training these days is that with virtual, any real estate agent and negotiator can join in from wherever they are.

This was something I hadn’t appreciated in the past as we were used to physical training. Yet the last year has shown us that digital is such a magnificent playing field with so many possibilities!

If you are interested in this paid virtual training, call 03-7805 2862 or 012 391 3328 to sign up before 23 January.

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