FB Live 30 January: With Love from Fiji

UPDATE: We have postponed this FB Live as a cyclone is headed towards Fiji today (30 January). We don’t want to be having a FB Live during a cyclone, that’s for sure and we don’t know how strong Emma’s wifi will be. So we will reschedule this event to March (as we already have a guest scheduled for 27 February). Stay tuned.

This coming Saturday, we will be talking to Emma Newland, a Fijian environmental scientist who is also a mom of two adorable kids.

She is also an entrepreneur who started her business because she couldn’t bear to see landfills or waterways full of non-biodegradable diapers!

She holds a full-time job as an environmental scientist during the day and in a way, her day job showed her what a devastating effect disposable diapers had on Mother Nature. She realised that so many disposable diapers were being dumped not just in landfills but also clogging up the waterways!

She decided to do something about it, starting from the time her son was born. It wasn’t an easy business as she needed people to help her sew the earth-friendly ones plus she had to research and find the right materials that would last. And Fiji is remote so whatever she needed, she had to source it herself.

Her business, Lalai & Sprout, makes and sells affordable, quality modern cloth nappies or diapers. (She has also extended her range to training pants and cloth pads for women too.)

The products are fully made on the island of Fiji and on their FB page, they call themselves “a family business dedicated to improving the health of other Pacific families and their environment”. Emma says that their one-size-fits-most cloth nappies will last from newborn to potty training and even to the next baby in line!

Their cloth nappies are super cute as they are colourful with whimsy designs – flamingoes, watermelons, sea creatures and tropical foliage just what the Fijian islanders would love. They’re also made for the Fijian weather and for little babes who enjoy toddling outdoors.

Join us 11am as always on fb.com/redboxstudio for an hour of conversation with an entrepreneur who believes that sustainable living isn’t a choice about all or nothing!

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