Merry Christmas & Heartfelt Thanks For The Support

No matter how 2020 was, we at Redbox Studio would like to say a heartfelt thank you.

You supported us in our FB Live (all 18 sessions that we did plus the countless others that we did on other people’s FB Live platforms), opened our emails, read our blog, watched our Youtube, spread the word about our marketing and website solutions, bought our books, shared and engaged with us on social media and so much more! 

We thank you for being with us this year in spirit, in person and on digital. 

Although we are big fans of digital of just about everything in business, we hope you will promise yourself that just for this weekend, you will put away the gadgets, screens and devices. 

Instead, indulge in a little more offline time with family and friends.

As this year has shown, nothing is predictable so let’s make the season a cheerful and delightful one.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you! 

With grateful thanks,
Nic & Krista of Redbox Studio 

Here’s a pic of us at a Christmas dinner that we attended some three years ago.
We didn’t have any recent photos taken this year in Christmassy garb.

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