FB Live: Comics, Writing & Motherhood with Rebecca Loke

How do you get started with creative pursuits such as writing and drawing? How do you do it when you’re a wife and mother? Where do you get ideas and inspiration when you’re a stay-at-home mom of two?

We had a great time talking to Rebecca Loke in the video below (we livestreamed it over FB) as she explained to us how she got started with being a web comic artist besides being a writer and published author.

Rebecca Loke is a writer and comic artist of Round Table web comic.

Centred on themes about family and food, the web comic is named after the round dining table where the Wong family gathers for meals. It is about the Asian concept of food and family.

She started her web comic during the pandemic lockdown, transforming herself from a writer, editor and author into a web comic artist. But the actual thought process took about 6 years!

Prior to that, she already had published her own book about her son, Ethan, who had alopecia which meant he was bald as a child. She started drawing for her book although the publisher eventually used their own illustrator.

In this session, she also talks about her creative process of drawing her web comics and her other project, a graphical memoir of her dad when he was in hospital as a result of MSA.

The NIH website states that “Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by a combination of symptoms that affect both the autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system that controls involuntary action such as blood pressure or digestion) and movement.”

Round Table web comic is Rebecca’s first venture into comics.

A journalist by training with a degree in Mass Communication, she began her career in copywriting. She worked in publishing as editor of a health magazine and children’s magazines after graduation from university.

Soon after, Rebecca debuted as a children’s author with the ‘Rhythm and Rhymes’ series of poems for children. Her works were published in 2003 by a local publisher RCDS Sdn Bhd and the four books in this series were centred on themes of nature, marine life, games and culture – Rhythm and Rhymes of the JungleRhythm and Rhymes of the SeaRhythm and Rhymes of the Children and Rhythm and Rhymes of the People.

In 2009, Rebecca wrote a children’s book titled Great-grandma’s Hair Loss Remedy, published by Media Masters Publishing Sdn Bhd. (This was the book about her son, Ethan and his alopecia.)

This children’s storybook tells a heartwarming tale of eight-year-old James who has alopecia universalis and is worried about going to a new school. He was afraid that his baldness would hurt his chances of making friends at school.

Rebecca is an Ipoh native who is a stay-home mother of two teenagers. She is currently residing in Singapore with her family.

We had a fantastic time talking to Rebecca about her comics, writing, motherhood and how she draws upon life to draw her comics!

Check out Rebecca’s web comic at at https://rebeccaloke.com or follow her Instagram @roundtablewebcomic

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