Leverage Your LinkedIn With Rowena Morais

I had a great conversation with Rowena Morais of Digital Confluence and she shared a bucketload of great strategies for LinkedIn.

She spoke about what she does on LinkedIn daily to maximize her time investment, how she gets out of the content creation fatigue (yes, even writers feel it!), what she does when she doesn’t feel like creating content and what to do if you don’t think you could write much thought leadership content.

Rowena is the author of Build a Body of Work and the founder and creative director of Digital Confluence, a boutique marketing and communications firm in Canberra, Australia.

If you’ve been unsure how you can use LinkedIn more effectively, watch our session above and remember to watch till the end for the final tip!

Use these tips to help you brush up your LinkedIn and use your LinkedIn for better results!

More about Rowena:

Rowena is an editor, writer, marketer and LinkedIn profile writer.

She is the former founding editor of HR Matters magazine, a niche human resource publication which ran for eight years.

Over the last decade, she has been helping professionals refine their LinkedIn profiles
and digital presence.

She has spoken on the TEDx stage twice and delivers workshops on leveraging LinkedIn and offers a class on Skillshare aptly titled “Build Influence through LinkedIn”.

Rowena also works with organisations and senior executives with their communication, branding and content development initiatives.

I’m particularly keen to talk to her as LinkedIn is fast becoming the place for business owners, CEOs and professionals looking for business opportunities. It used to be a place for people seeking jobs but over the past few years that I’ve been on the platform, it has been getting more exciting.

Gone are the days when one was on LinkedIn to post up the resume and CV information; now it is a place where interactions happen and virtual link-ups and even business deals are made. (And I am often stumped why smart people don’t flock more often to LinkedIn.)

Personally if you haven’t updated your own LinkedIn profile in years, take the New Year as a chance for you to start off well digitally! Once you have brushed up the profile, you can start making connections because nothing is as impersonal as a page that has no photo or even updated information.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in business or in employment; a well-developed LinkedIn profile will do wonders for your social influence. I have met many wonderful contacts through LinkedIn and I have used it to help me reach out to the people that I respect and admire.

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