Communication Strategies Every Business Should Know

We had such a blast on Saturday talking about communications with Malar Ramalingam!

If you missed that, no worries. Here’s the replay. Get ready to jot down plenty of notes as Malar was handing out fantastic ideas, left, right and centre for business communications.

She showed us how to handle customer complaints elegantly and calmly and said that complaints are a fantastic way to improve our businesses. Ditto!

Malar Ramalingam is a senior marketing communication specialist and in this Episode #17 of our Redbox Studio FB Live series, she was a superstar.

She gave such excellent examples of communications in action and strategies that the viewers didn’t want us to end the live stream! It was that good so I heartily recommend that you watch the above video. And if you have friends in business, do share this with them!

communication strategy for businesses - malar ramalingam fb live redboxstudio

Malar started by recommending the book she was reading. It’s an interesting book so be sure to catch the title!

She shared on stakeholder mapping and stakeholder assessment before moving on to moments of truth – touchpoints – to elaborate on how every step of the way, it is imperative that any business owner pays attention to the communicating with their customers. She also explained the messaging framework of Know – Feel – Do before ending with a practical example of the Ideas Board.

If you want the slides that Malar shared, email: with the subject – “RBS Comms” and we will be happy to share with you what Malar shared during our live session.

Malar who is based in Kuala Lumpur started her career as an English teacher before moving to an integrated communications agency.

The creative, street-smart, business-savvy talents in the agency enabled her to discover her passion for copywriting, public relations and ground activation events.
Malar has spent over 25 years in sales, marketing and communication, working in retail, recruitment, manufacturing (semiconductors), power generation, water desalination, oil and gas (upstream and downstream), fintech as well as social entrepreneurial ventures involving education.
Through these careers of hers, she learnt the critical importance of stakeholder mapping, prioritising channels and timeliness of releasing information and careful selection of spokespersons. Also key is the power of internal communication in managing issues and crisis, as well as engaging external stakeholders to collaborate in growing the business.
Today, Malar’s passions involve supporting sustainable market growth across regions involving food security, clean water, power generation and education.  She currently serves as a Board Member with the Malaysian Chapter of IABC (2020 / 2021).

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communication strategy for businesses - malar ramalingam

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