Selling Soaps & Essential Oils with Jerrica Tan of Soap Cart

We just completed our FB Live with Jerrica Tan this morning.

Jerrica Tan is the co-founder and director for Soap Cart, where she researches, makes, and teaches people how to make handmade soaps using natural ingredients. 

Soap Cart is a purely online business where they sell handmade soaps, pure essential oils, mica colourants and carrier oils. Soap Cart also holds classes on soap-making at their premises in Penang.

I’ve known Jerrica for many years now and she started off dabbling in soap-making based on a real need – her son had allergies using commercial soap.

Before starting her business, she worked for more than 20 years in the Human Resources application fields as software and technical consultant for both internal and external customers. 

When she learnt that her child had special needs and that commercial cleaning and personal care products further aggravate the situations, she discovered her passion for making handmade soap.

She expanded her business from part-time to full-time when her business started to attract not just people who wanted to buy her soaps but also buy soap-making ingredients. She eventually quit her job to focus on growing her business. Even her husband has quit his job to work with her in the business!

Soap Cart conducts its business of selling fully online and I wanted to bring Jerrica to our FB Live series to ask her how she grew her business from a part-time gig to a full-time business.

In today’s interview, she shared about:

— What the initial years were like for a small e-commerce outfit like hers even though she was not well-versed in marketing or sales
— How she discovered a way to grow sales with one strategy so that sales kept coming in month after month
— How the challenges in a business such as hers drove her to develop ways to prevent her fragile glass bottles from breaking while being shipped

— How she makes her business distinctive even though she is in a highly saturated market
— Her advice for newbies who want to start their own online store

Her journey has been interesting because it shows that e-commerce is viable but you need to know how to make it all work!

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