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A big shoutout and congratulations to STRAVIK on the official launch of their website today!

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We have been working on this website for some months already (even during the MCO) and what usually takes us 2 months went for some time due to some unforeseen circumstances – the CEO and business owner of STRAVIK, Dr Vimi, had family that needed medical attention and just a few weeks ago, her beloved father passed away.

These incidents cannot be foretold but we worked with what we could and had. It helped that she and her husband, Subra, put full faith in us to create a website that would encapsulate what they were doing as a business.

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Here’s a little fun fact: her STRAVIK logo is also designed by us. We don’t take logo design work at all and STRAVIK is the exception. Most people don’t put much thinking into their business logos but a strong business logo makes your business recognisable wherever you go.

STRAVIK is also a name we created after many brainstorming sessions with Dr Vimi and Subra. It is a name that sounds as strong as the founder but it also contains all the qualities and characteristics of both the founder and co-founder (you just have to read it up on their website).

In creating her website, we had many rounds of discussions online (it was the MCO remember?). We went back and forth to talk about the business optimisation and business startup services that they offered.

Clarity is of the utmost importance when we design any customised website. People who read or visit any Redbox Studio website must come away knowing what the business does and offers.

Complex services have to be explained clearly so that there is no misrepresentation or vagueness as this is crucial to engender trust in the business. Moreover, the website has to “sell” the services and products in the most authentic manner without hype.

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This is how we help entrepreneurs succeed online…. starting with a website. Their success online begins and ends with a website. The only real estate online that you can say you own is your own website; everything else is built on other people’s “land” such as your FB pages.

You can position yourself the way you want and you always have control of what is said or written on your website – you decide how it should be.

A substantial website rich in content and trust helps you explain everything to your customers so that you don’t have to!

In a nutshell, what we did for STRAVIK to help them position themselves and start off with a strong proposition online:

  1. A Strategic Alignment consultation session to find out what the business is about and what it needs from a marketing perspective.
  2. Create a positioning that banks on the business’ strengths based on this consultation
  3. Research and reflect on what is currently available and do a compare and contrast
  4. Brainstorm with the founders and come to an agreement on the positioning
  5. Develop and write marketing content for the website
  6. Develop design and visuals that match the positioning
  7. Research the keywords to incorporate into the website so that the website is made search-engine friendly (the client never sees this backend work but the results on Google proves it works beautifully)

So what happens after the website launch? Besides managing the website, much more work happens such as tracking and monitoring how the website fares to implementing other marketing strategies.

We call this an Online Marketing Ecosystem because the website is part of an ongoing system that helps clients become highly trusted in their industry and generate qualified leads.

Other additional marketing services will be implemented depending on what the client needs such as social media management, corporate communications, thought leadership content creation, managing their prospects and leads, and more. And of course, we promote our clients through our own platforms as well such as our ongoing FB Live sessions and podcast.

We will be doing a video case study on how we did what we did for STRAVIK soon so you can see the little details that go into every website that we take on. If you don’t want to miss this, sign up for our newsletter.

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