A Consultant’s Dilemma

Just a few weeks ago, I heard a speaker-cum-consultant proudly tell the audience during her presentation that she doesn’t have a business card nor a website.

And….she has been in business for more than 3 years.

I was not surprised because a lot of consultants don’t know the value of branding or marketing themselves.

Most of them usually come out of the corporate world, having worked for their bosses for the last 20 years. They were sick and tired of the rat race and daily grind. Or they just received a VSS package but they still need something to do.

When they finally take that leap to go into business for themselves, they default to the business that makes the most of their managerial capabilities and technical skills that they built up when they were working in the corporate world.

Usually, the consulting business is the easiest and fastest way to embark on a business.

It makes sense. They parlay what they have learnt, experienced and implemented in their previous companies to help others. They don’t need much at all – no machinery, no production. They can happily start from their homes and work from home too.

At this stage, they would be in their 40s with industry contacts and a lot of intellect and experience. They would get consulting jobs based on word-of-mouth since they have been working for the past 20 years. Sometimes their former employers would hire them as consultants!

This is why some consultants don’t think they need a website.

They feel satisfied that they already have lots of referrals and they couldn’t possibly take on any more jobs.

Their thinking is, “I already have so many clients. I don’t want any more business!”

This is such a fallacy as a website isn’t just for the consultant now at this busy stage of their lives. (However, not all consultants are quite so lucky to get work the moment they quit their jobs. Some struggle for a long time and for those who are struggling, it either shows that they don’t know how to market themselves well.)

Are You The Consultant That People Want To Hire?

A website can project you as a thought leader and expert in the field. It can showcase all the projects you’ve worked on. It can help you tell your story better than you tell your story.

It can open doors to partnerships, collaborations and new hires or associate hires. It is your platform and your media – you can choose to feature yourself, your outstanding work, your past accomplishments, your successes, your case studies, your interests and even life outside of work.

You never need to wait for other people to feature you and your work.

In today’s world, if you are a consultant and you don’t have a website, you are not building your personal brand as effectively as you should.

You are simply wasting time working from project to project without anything concrete to show for it (and no, LinkedIn, no matter how wonderful it is, is not a website. It helps you connect but it’s not your home base).

What’s worse is a consultant who doesn’t have a business card.

How do you remain memorable if you can’t even afford to pass out a business card that encapsulates the good work that you do?

The next time you hear of people in business and don’t have business cards or websites, do them a favour and tell them why they shouldn’t be too happy. They’re essentially losing out in the long term!

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