FB Live: The Art & Science of Collaboration

Last Saturday, we had a fantastic Episode 15 of our Redbox Studio FB Live series.

We spoke with Badrie Bob Abdullah of the Tulips Movement in Malaysia about collaborations and the art of doing it well. In that same conversation, we also spoke about networking because without a wide network, you can’t get any collaborators to collaborate with!

If you missed that, below is the replay of the FB Live that we had. All our videos are directly streamed to Youtube too so you can follow our Youtube channel to listen or watch the past episodes.

Bob, as he is more popularly known, is the founder of TULIPs Movement, a Malaysian organisation that builds women and youth through their empowerment programmes.

Bob started this organisation in 2018 after the Big Tulip Conference and as such, he is often called Papa Tulip. He is a huge advocate and supporter of women’s empowerment in Malaysia.

We had an engaging conversation where he also fielded questions from people who watched the live stream.

He spoke about some key criteria when he looks for a collaborative partner, what he always does (and what he never does), and how he develops his value propositions. In fact, he revealed what how he uses LinkedIn to grow his network and what he does when he has a LinkedIn connection request!

I learnt a thing or two from Bob about being strategic in using LinkedIn.

A great networker and collaborator doesn’t get there by hits and misses; Bob is a great example of how networking and true, honest collaboration work wonders.

One of the more interesting aspects of Bob’s career and life is that he is a believer in networking, knowledge-sharing, leadership growth and collaborations.

I first met Bob online at LinkedIn and he is a great networker, online and offline. This is how he first got on my radar. He is also down-to-earth with a self-deprecating sense of humour.

About Tulips Movement:
Tulips partners with government agencies and other not for profit community-centric organisations, universities and colleges, international organisations and charitable foundations to upskill women and youth through community capacity building, empowerment and transformational programmes.

When he is not advocating women’s empowerment, Bob who speaks English, Malay, Cantonese and Hokkien is the head of Asia Graduate School at UNITAR. He was also the founder of Malaysia Global Sharing Week and was one of the Top 100 Influential Malaysian LinkedIn Icons from 2017 to 2020.

He is a Council Member at Malaysian International Chambers of Commerce and Industries (MICCI) and the former director of Corporate and Executive Education at UUM Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business.

He has also worked on conceptualizing and developing programmes for high impact executive education and leadership development involving some of the world’s top business schools including INSEAD, Ashridge Business School, NUS BS, AIMWA-UWA, Cranfield, LSE and Disney Institute.

As you can see from his accomplishments, Bob is an expert at building relationships personally and at the corporate level besides his passion for executive education and professional development.

Watch the video above to glean more of his insights! We will see you on 14 November for Episode 16 of our Facebook Live series. If you don’t want to miss an episode, follow us on Facebook or sign up to get our updates (we send out a reminder email a few days before our FB Live airs).

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