22 Years!

Redbox Studio is 22 years old today!

Has it been that long? Has it been that many years?

And yes, it has. Nic started the business in 1998, right after he quit his art director position in an advertising company. He had been there for all of one year and decided it was not for him and on 10 October 1998, Redbox Studio was officially registered as a business.

We’ve done a good many things and like all entrepreneurs, tried many things. Some worked, others didn’t but we picked ourselves up and continued fine-tuning and tweaking and doing we needed to do.

We have had the best work done with entrepreneurs who appreciated the fact that we are marketers first and foremost.

We implement marketing using websites that are developed to articulate and convey what most entrepreneurs have trouble articulating.

Many entrepreneurs are good at what they do – we all start out this way. Our best skills are our technical skills – they’re our core competencies. Yet we’re also stuck in this mindset of knowing what we do without knowing how to explain that unique thing that we do to prospects and customers.

This is where we can help.

This is where in today’s digital age, we help you tell that story in a way that’s uniquely you. And we bring that out on your website.

Why is this important?

Because today, people need to know you and trust you and like you before they become your customers.

That’s why we’re on social media all the time.

Building trust, showing that people can trust us, that we can do that thing we promise to do.

Did we start out at Redbox Studio KNOWING what we offered? Back then we said we offered website design services and website copywriting. Once a website was completed and launched, we managed websites for clients. (We still do a lot of this including strategy planning and marketing consultation for clients.)

It took years to figure out that we are communicators and storytellers and we tell our stories best when we work directly with CEOs and business owners who believe that a good story needn’t be a made-up story.

A good story starts with an inclination to uncover what’s essentially good and true about a business and a company and convey this on a website that’s a marketing platform as well as a storytelling platform.

For we all love a good story. A good story is about humanity, about feeling proud of what we’ve achieved, of running a good race.

In our case, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs tell their stories for the past 22 years.

Because Malaysia doesn’t lack inspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s simply because good stories aren’t told.

When stories are told well and told in the most honest and simplest manner with lots of heart and soul, businesses grow. Just ask our clients. The results speak for themselves. And that’s what we are proud of.

22 years of telling stories with heart and soul.

Now THAT’s something worthwhile to celebrate, isn’t it?

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