Working with Berjayapak, Anne Edwards & MORS Group

Last week we had an unusual two days at Sungai Bakap. We were asked to help out with our client’s video shoot as our client, Berjayapak, had won yet another award.

Watching Anne Edwards at work.

The KL team of videographers came a day before for the recce and the actual shooting began the day after.

As we had developed the concept and overall positioning and produced the website for Berjayapak (including rewriting its marketing content), we were in a position to know quite a lot about the company.

This meant we could guide the KL team which included former newscaster Anne Edwards in understanding the complex processes that went into wood pallet manufacturing.

Anne even told me, “I’ll never look at a wood pallet the same way again after this!”

That was true for us too. Before undertaking the website project, we knew next to nothing about wood pallets and thought that it was a simple business. It is certainly not.

So much happens in a wood pallet manufacturing factory such as Berjayapak although it had its humble beginnings in the backyard of a home. We could even write a book on wood pallet manufacturing given the breadth and depth of our research about the industry.

Berjayapak CEO, Miss Ooi, getting ready for the video interview

It was a supremely tiring day as we were on our feet the entire day and the entire management team of Berjayapak was involved from early morning until late evening. It also gave us a glimpse into what the crew from Anne Edwards & Company did too.

Together with the MORS Group, they were a team of seven who recorded footage of the processes in the factory as well as interviewed Miss Ooi, the CEO of Berjayapak.

It was nonetheless a fun project to be involved – we can’t say much as the news of the award will only be published on 12 October. A week after that, the Singapore Business Times will be featuring the news too.

And on our part, we can’t wait to see the outcome of the video shoot. The team from Anne Edwards and Company were such a dedicated bunch and professional to boot too despite the heat and noise from the manufacturing floor.

It’s always interesting to be part of the team that does the behind-the-scenes work. The entire day of shooting plus the recce work the day before comprises a lot of people hours and the video will be around 5 minutes in duration!

The videography process is exactly like our process of developing and designing a made-for-marketing website – we need to know and understand everything about the client from a marketing perspective and select only what’s needed to help them win customers.

Everything else that is not crucial to winning customers is not written or designed into the website.

Breakfast, lunch and tea with Anne. She’s a really lovely person without any airs despite her celebrity status.

We also got to know Anne well since we spent the whole day together, sitting and talking in between shooting time. She’s a down-to-earth person and even said she was introverted actually but was put into the limelight as a newscaster. She has also interviewed well-known leaders such as Lee Kuan Yew and Dr Mahathir. Presently, she is running her own media company specialising in commercial shooting and media training.

It was warm but Anne took it in her stride. Post-lunch filming was all about going to the factory floor.

When we work with SME clients, we go beyond designing their websites as we know so much about the company after the website is built and launched that we function as their communications arm.

If you are interested to know about this client, we will write the case study on this website so stay tuned or better still, sign up for our updates.

With the MORS Group, Anne Edwards’ crew and Berjayapak team at the end of a productive day!

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