FB Live with Ishrain Hussain: Mentors & Networking

We just completed our FB Live and it was such a good conversation with Ishrain Hussain. She shared about the importance of mentors, a good support system, the power of networking and essentially the ability to thrive wherever you are.

Watch the video to find out about the 3 books she recommends, how she navigates her work and life in Florida now and what made this Mumbai millennial leave India for the US on her own.

She thought her bouncy personality would be a hit with her American counterparts but it wasn’t so!

She also spoke about her strategies in getting to know people even when she doesn’t know a single person in the new place she is in.

Ishrain also battled a personal issue but she turned it around to wear it as a badge of honour and now goes around sharing the story of how her raspy voice came to be.

As it was a live stream, halfway Ishrain’s laptop decided to reboot! This is what makes live stream so funny and real. Things happen.

We took it in our stride and a FB Live viewer, Meredith Haldren asked me how I got into FB Live and that’s how I started talking about my reasons for doing this series!

As an aside, Ishrain shared that she didn’t know how to use TIDE pods which were laundry capsules when she initially arrived in the US nor did she know how to properly eat a fajita! This go-getter is also a Toastmaster and loves speaking and sharing her stories in public.

She also has her own Youtube channel so check it out!

About Redbox Studio FB Live series:

The Redbox Studio FB Live series focuses on entrepreneurship, marketing and/or leadership. Krista Goon of Redbox Studio is the host of this series.

We started this during the Malaysian Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 because we wanted to share valuable and interesting information with people who follow us on our Facebook page as well as provide value-add through visibility and publicity to our clients.

We host interviews every fortnight and they’re all FB Live sessions with friends and people from Malaysia and around the world. Sign up for our updates so you‘ll know when the next FB Live is coming up.

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