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SMA | Sarikei Innovation Center : Webinar – The Importance of Branding and Marketing

Join us LIVE today at 1pm (GMT+8) for this webinar with Julia Koh and Krista Goon on the following topic "The Importance of Branding and Marketing".We will be sending the Presenters Deck/Slides to all Eventbrite ticket holders. If you wish to receive it, please register here: before 4.15pm today. Also, to interact with our Presenters, feel free to ask them any questions that you may have at the comment box.

Posted by SMA – Sarikei Innovation Center on Sunday, May 10, 2020

Here’s a talk I did for Sarikei Innovation Centre on 11 May 2020 via FB Live which I have yet to post up due to all the projects and things we were involved with.

At this session, I spoke about creating online visibility for business owners and I used some specific examples from our own clients as well as Penan Women Project, an NGO that we support.

I shared the online stage so to speak with Julia Koh who spoke about branding just before me.

My session to speak began at 1:44 so you can scrub to this part if you want to know what I taught about marketing principles and how you can take home some useful strategies and action steps to take.

Using stories from our clients and real-life examples, I explained:
– The 5 fundamentals of marketing 
– Strategies to market smarter online 
– Leveraging the strategies for your business 

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