FB Live With A Trademark & IP Consultant

In this episode that we just completed, I spoke to Gordian Consultancy co-founder, Rebecca Chong.

She is an IP agent and trademark consultant where she helps businesses with all matters related to trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial designs with the aim of protecting our intellectual property.

She shared with us some useful information and strategies so that we won’t get into a sticky mess when our businesses and our brands grow bigger.

Here are some of the highlights of our video interview.

2:57 She shares a book that she has been reading this week.

12:35 Rebecca explains what trademarks refer to.

14:30 Why it’s majorly important for start-ups to pay attention to trademarking.

17:53 The factors that enable your logo/mark or name to be trademarked

24:03 How long does it take to register your trademark

25:11 What makes a good name for your business

28:10 How to come up with a good name

28:58 Trademarking goes by territory but here’s a key tip to save money!

33:20 What is defined as intellectual property (IP) and how you can protect your IP in 4 different ways legally

38:51 Rebecca’s tips on coming up with a great name that you can trademark

42:12 If you intend to franchise or license your business, trademarking your business is even more important

43:15 What is registrable as a trademark?

47:20 Competitors copying your brand? A true story of a Penang ointment or minyak angin business

Rebecca is the co-founder of Gordian Consultancy and now resides in New Mexico, USA with her family.

Business owners don’t usually give their brand names or even product names much of a thought, casually naming their products just because they like the names or it reminds of something familiar or even funny.

It usually won’t be problematic until the business grows a little bigger and the business owner now wants to protect or trademark the product name. He thinks it is easily done until he speaks to a trademark consultant like Rebecca and finds out that the product name that he has been happily promoting to his customers now cannot be trademarked!

He has wasted 3 years of his business life promoting a brand name that he cannot use or claim as his. It seems that some other business has laid a claim on a name like his and he can do nothing as he didn’t check if the name was actually ‘usable’.

What happens to his product packaging? What happens to his business? What happens to the product that he has carefully built up in the past 3 years?

All gone down the drain as he has to start all over again with a new product name!

This is why trademark consultants like Rebecca exist. They help you find out if that name you want to use is available for you to use and that it doesn’t infringe upon other businesses’ rights.

Enjoy this episode!

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