FB Live with Whytehouse Education founder, Jery Yeoh

Just completed Episode 10 of our FB Live series with Jery Yeoh, the founder and executive director of Whytehouse Education Group.

He was open and frank about education in Malaysia, teachers’ training, why he doesn’t ever offer discounts, how he marketed himself, why he spends so much on marketing, what his teachers did during the lockdown to ensure the kids kept on learning (even from home) and more.

His company runs 4 early years education centres (Butterworth, Bukit Jambul, Tech Dome Komtar and Bukit Mertajam) that focuses on fun exploration through learning activities.

He started the first centre in 2009 after he came back from a trip to China with a group of educators. He was invited to participate in this trip by the National Association of Early Childhood Care and Education Malaysia, a non-profit and non-governmental organisation whose mission is to help Malaysian children below eight years old.

He started with 3 students and believed in what he saw as the future for education and his centres have grown since then.

We spoke about marketing and business aspects such as how he markets his early childhood centres (his rates are premium compared to his competitors) and how he continues to ensure his business remains relevant all these years.

rethinking the business of education fb live interview with jery yeoh of whytehouse education 13 August 2020

He is also someone we wanted to speak with as he is in a space that many would consider a woman’s space – after all, we observe more women setting up kindergartens and childcare centres more than men!

Interestingly, the Whytehouse Education Group has also created its own series of publications such as the Young Scientist Series.

They are also active in marketing their centres and have invested in creating videos that showcase the best of what they offer.

Jery has some unusual thoughts and ideas about marketing. He said this after we had ended our broadcast that he never thinks twice about spending money on creating high-quality marketing especially splurging on events, videos and even sponsorships. He knows that there’s definitely an ROI from what he puts out there although it may not be immediate.

Jery is a strategic guy with off-beat ideas about what he and his business are worth (by the way, he never offers discounts to the parents of his students and he’d rather let go of a student than undermine his own principles and ethos of running his business).

We are quite similar in our thought process in Redbox Studio. We know exactly the kind of clients we want to serve and help. And no, we don’t offer discounts either. We will give you more value in many different ways but discounting is going to set a bad precedent for the future.

We have always advised against giving discounts because you’re better off giving something of value and topping things up rather than giving a discount and then feeling resentful!

About Redbox Studio FB Live series:

The Redbox Studio FB Live series focuses on entrepreneurship, marketing and/or leadership. Krista Goon of Redbox Studio is the host of this series.

We started this during the Malaysian Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 because we wanted to share valuable and interesting information with people who follow us on our Facebook page as well as provide value-add through visibility and publicity to our clients.

We host interviews every fortnight and they’re all FB Live sessions with friends and people from Malaysia and around the world. Follow us on FB.com/RedboxStudio or sign up for our updates so you ‘ll know when the next interview is coming up.

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