FB Live: Marketing, Menses & Menstrual Cups – Olie Body & Krista Goon

We have been taking a break for a while now after our last FB Live with Fave co-founder since we were busy with completing websites for clients as well as starting on new ones for new clients.

It was also a good time for me to reflect on the past 6 episodes of our FB Live that we started during the quarantine period. It’s been an invaluable learning curve, one that pushed us out of our zone of procrastination while enabling us to widen our visibility (which is a good thing!).

Just today, I interviewed Olie Body, the founder of WA Collective in New Zealand.

Her company is a social enterprise that produces and sells menstrual cups; every premium quality Wā menstrual cup sold subsidises Wā Cups for students in need.

Did you know that one menstrual cup also prevents around 2,500 disposable sanitary pads from entering the landfill?

Flyer about a FB Live interview with Olie Body, the founder of a New Zealand social enterprise that sells menstrual cups

But more than that, Olie and her team are opening up conversations about periods and how periods affect girls such as stopping them from getting an education.

Says Olie, “Of 1000 menstruating girl students, one third skipped class for not having access to menstruation products.”

Plus Kiwis or the New Zealanders use enough disposable menstrual products each year to wrap the circumference of the globe and 50% of women and girls who ovulate are still too embarrassed to talk about periods openly.

It’s not all women and girl talk in this interview as I will be asking her about her marketing strategies, what has worked and what has bombed.

I met Olie when we were both in Hawaii last year participating in a women’s leadership programme organised by the East-West Center.

She is an amazing bundle of energy plus she is intelligent, articulate and cares for her community. She is one busy woman too but I managed to pin her down to do this session with me so don’t miss it. If you run a social enterprise and have some questions, ask them of Olie this Saturday.

Olie is an Edmund Hillary Fellow, Obama Foundation Leader, TEDx Speaker and an award-winning storyteller and social entrepreneur. You’ll love her and that is why she is perfect for FB Live.

Find out more about her product and business: https://wacollective.org.nz

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