FB Live with Kebun Kota Co-founder, Kaniza Shafie

Just completed an amazing FB Live session with Kebun Kota co-founder, Kaniza Shafie. We had a great time talking about food crops, living responsibly and sustainable practices that are simpler and kinder to the Earth.

What is an urban farm?
What can we do if we only have one tiny balcony?
Is an urban farm sustainable financially?
What are the ways that we can get started on farming especially in cities?
What kinds of crops or vegetables should we grow in order to prevent wastage?
What do we do with excess vegetables and fruits if we do grow them for ourselves?
What is Kebun Kota doing with Radtanaphon farm in Luang Prabang, Laos and what do they grow there?

These were some questions that we asked Kaniza Shafie during today’s Episode #9 of our ongoing Redbox Studio FB Live series.

She’s actually Datin Kaniza Shafie and she is an architect but to me, she’s a really down-to-earth eco-warrior creating ripples in Kuantan, Pahang where she lives with her family.

fb live interview with kebun kota c-founder kaniza shafie 30 july 2020

While she runs her architecture firm, she is also involved with Kebun Kota, a social enterprise that she co-founded with her engineer husband, Datuk Dr Mukhlis Chua in 2008.

At Kebun Kota, they are making agriculture sexy again through sustainable farming practices as well as an appreciation for the food that is grown the organic way, the way it used to be in the past. But more than that, Kebun Kota is bringing back the crucial conversations about living life the way it was meant to be.

Kebun Kota is a real kebun or farm; it is a 14-acre urban farm in Kuantan that champions the circular economy, offering a range of community-grown, organic and natural products, from farm to table.

Watch the video below to find out more about the importance of a circular economy if this is the first time you’re hearing the term.

Besides growing fruits and vegetables in a way that doesn’t harm the Earth, Kebun Kota also invites the community to help them shape the future of business through products that are good for everyone.

This is why they started Roots Cafe, also in Kuantan. It is as an extension of Kebun Kota and functions as an interactive marketplace for sustainable living through their workshops and products that benefit smallholder farmers, producers and artisans.

During MCO, Kebun Kota even gave away vegetables for free such as kangkung and spinach. Other interesting initiatives include free clothes giveaway during Raya to benefit those who needed festive clothing and talks about organic farming, workshops on DIY hand sanitizer and soap-making from used cooking oils. Roots cafe also offers creative takes on food such as tempe burgers!

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