FB Live with Fave Co-founder, Episode 6

yeoh chen chow fave co-founder

Just completed my FB Live with Chen Chow. Here’s the video in case you missed it.

In this episode, Chen Chow talks about:

  • what he defines as a good strategy
  • the business books he is currently reading
  • why he believes Fave isn’t doing the delivery game any time soon
  • how Fave marketed the app in the early days (hint: it involved the extra mile and hands for their merchants)
  • how his business has been impacted by the coronavirus too as it involves dine-in and more

Yeoh Chen Chow is the co-founder of Fave and I’ve known Chen Chow for many years now through Mensa as Nic used to be the Mensa Penang chairperson. (Mensa is the society for individuals with high IQ. I also wrote my Master’s thesis based on a study I did of 7 Mensan teenagers in the mid-2000s.)

Back then, we had organised an event under Mensa where we invited Chen Chow (a fellow Mensan) to share about US scholarships. Chen Chow, a Penangite (hailing from Jit Sin High School ), had graduated from Cornell University and in 2007, he had just returned from the US.

We felt that since he was a scholarship recipient prior, he must have some good information to share with Penang parents and students. We marketed the event for him and it was a full house of more than 200 people who turned up on 2 December 2007 to hear him for a good 2 hours.

He has been based in KL since then but we have kept in touch from time to time. It was interesting to see him go from an Accenture management consultant to being with Jobstreet and later to Groupsmore which eventually was bought over by Groupon. He is now a public face representing Fave especially in the media and in the speaking circuits.

Our FB live is not about his startup journey (you can read all that in his other interviews – just google them up) or who his role models are or what his greatest failure is.

Instead, I want to ask him how he markets himself and his business, the specific books he reads, the specific strategies he uses (those that have worked for him and perhaps those that didn’t work at all) and also, why he is so fascinated by data.

But then again, Chen Chow graduated with an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from Cornell University with a triple minor in Engineering Management, Information Science and Industrial Systems and IT so data is his passion!

Oddly though, he isn’t just a number and data-cruncher (which is what makes him more interesting than the usual startup co-founder). He has a huge heart for helping youth and creating impact and giving back to the community, areas which he had already demonstrated full passion for back when he agreed to share his knowledge about US scholarships with parents and students.

I’m thrilled that I get to speak to someone who hasn’t let fame and success change him much from the first time I knew him. Chen Chow is still humble, friendly and accommodating even though he is well-known in startup and entrepreneurship circles. I also believe that these traits of his have enabled him to be where he is today.

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