18 May: Webinar – Selling On Your Website

Over the past few weeks, I have been talking a lot about online marketing and online selling. The one we did with Penang Women’s Development Corporation was an overview to give everyone an idea of common ways to sell online or start online retailing.

But I have also received requests to go deeper into this topic specifically how to sell on one’s website which means how to start doing ecommerce on your own website.

Instead of addressing people’s questions one by one, Nic and I decided that we will hold a private webinar to talk about what it takes to set up your own ecommerce website and give those who are truly interested to ask questions that are more specific.

In the FB Live that I did for PWDC, it was for an open, general crowd. Anyone could watch and ask questions but for those keen to set up their own ecommerce website, they needed more details.

So this Monday, I will be presenting a private webinar on how to sell on your own website.

It is a by-registration-only event and it won’t be on FB. And there won’t be replays.

If you have been tinkering with the idea of selling your products on your own website, this could be the event for you.

It is not for you if you want to sell in marketplaces. I will not cover marketplaces at all. If you want to know more about selling in marketplaces like Lazada or Shopee, please go directly to these marketplaces, sign up and start learning. That’s the best way.

It is not for you if you have no products to sell or if you wonder which products are trending right now and want to make money off something that’s trending.

But if you are really keen to start selling your own products on your website, then you’re welcome to join me for an hour this Monday, 18 May, 3pm to 4pm.

Register here.

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