FB Live: Digital Marketing & eCommerce Gurus

Catch me live tomorrow on FB at 4pm where Maresa Ng, a long-time friend and fellow entrepreneur and business turnaround strategist as well as the CEO of The Spark Group Asia will be interviewing me and Carol Fung for a quick hot-seat session!

(Scroll all the way down to the FB Live video to catch the replay.)

This hot-seat session involves live consulting and advice for 2 specially handpicked businesses that have signed up with The Spark Group Asia.

We will be talking about:

✅ Getting online and communicating your business properly through your web presence
✅ How to activate your e-commerce and online selling
✅ How to get more fans and followers from social media
✅ Playbook strategies to grow in an online marketplace

When Maresa called me last week and asked if I were willing to do this live, I said, “Sure, why not?”

I’m been doing this all the time when clients and even friends call me up to ask for digital and website advice.

This is part of why we do what we do in Redbox Studio – to share what we know with friends and clients so that they can improve their businesses. There’s nothing more satisfying to know that our advice has helped someone attract customers or save time or learn how to do something they didn’t have the confidence of doing.

More and more we are called to share our knowledge (which we have been doing so since 1998) but in a much bigger way now. And now with FB Live and social media, it’s become even easier for us to go online and teach and share.

I have 2 other virtual events coming up too – one with Penang Women’s Development Corporation this Saturday (9 May) and another with Sarikei Innovation Centre (11 May). And they are all free. Log on and let me know what you think.

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UPDATE: Here’s the FB Live that we did today. Enjoy the replay!

Never considered myself a marketing guru but I do know that online is the way to go. I agreed to be part of this when…

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