FB Live: Online Selling For Beginners

UPDATE: Here’s the replay below if you didn’t manage to catch my session.


Since MCO started, we have received a lot of calls from friends and even clients asking about going online.

One of the key topics was online selling or rather how to start retailing online especially for businesses that are now just focusing on walk-in customers or physical sales.

How do they go after a segment of the market online and how do they decide which platforms are suitable?

Around the same time, I was asked by Penang Women’s Development Corporation (PWDC) to speak about a business topic. I thought why not help friends and clients as well as the audience that PWDC is trying to reach out to?

That’s why I will be speaking about online selling and how to succeed as a beginner. I will showcase stories about friends and clients who sell online as well as show you examples of what else can be sold online. When I did the rehearsal online with the PWDC team, they were excited as they themselves didn’t know so many interesting products were possible to be sold via e-commerce.

I always like to use real-life cases and examples because I don’t like to spout theories. I enjoy teaching from experience as that is the best way I can share the insider information.

Experience in our case comes from the work that we do in developing, advising, building and managing e-commerce websites for SMEs as well as smaller e-stores for micro-entrepreneurs. And we have also offered advice and consultation to people who have e-commerce websites but didn’t know how to maximise its potential or market it well.

Aside clients, we use e-commerce in our business too. We sell our books online and in the past when we organised our highly popular Marketing Mojo events, we also sold tickets on our website using e-commerce.

Join me on Saturday and find out:
– What online selling is about
– The options you have based on your current situation
– Insider e-commerce strategies
– Real-life examples of people who have been selling online
– Ideas of what you can sell online

Plus you get to win a copy of my book, Web Wisdom if you ask a really insightful question.

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