FB Live with a Gynaecologist, Episode 4

In Episode #4 of our ongoing FB Live series, I will be talking to Dr Somas who is a long-time client of ours on FB Live. He has been using a customised website that we designed for him (including positioning and web copywriting) to attract a steady stream of female patients into his clinic at Gleneagles Penang.

I won’t spoil the story of how we met as Dr Somas says he will tell that story during our FB Live.

Dr Somas and I at the Penang Sports Club where we usually have our discussions and meetings!

What I can say is that doctors who understand marketing will always fare better than doctors who still rely on the hospitals to market them.

Dr Somas has been taking marketing seriously as he has had much success with his website. In fact, last year he asked us to give him an overview of using Instagram since he was eager to use this new platform to further connect with his patients.

In the past, we have had encounters with doctors who tried to DIY their own website or even tried to copy Dr Somas’ website once they saw how well he was doing. But copying the website without understanding the reason why it’s designed and written in such a way will not be fruitful. Design works hand in hand with copy or content.

So if you want to know about how he markets himself as a doctor or why doctors should now consider digital marketing for their practices, tune in to hear us have a real conversation about what he does for women’s health and how he markets himself.

UPDATE: Here’s the video in case you missed the FB Live session.

As a testament to the power of video and marketing, Dr Somas had someone immediately contact him the moment this live stream ended! Look at the timestamp (we ended our FB Live at 4pm and at 4:22pm, he sends us this message via WhatsApp. Super cool!)

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