FB Live with Pay-Per-Click Expert, Episode 3

UPDATE: Just concluded the FB Live interview (and watch out for Episode 4 coming up).

Here’s the video in case you missed it. It has some really good stuff because Dean talks about real ways of using advertising for lead generation, how to decide when you can afford to advertise and 3 mistakes most business owners make with their online advertising.

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If it were not for this pandemic, I would not have pushed myself to do so many FB Live sessions! But the best thing is, once I did one, I couldn’t stop.

It is rather addictive because there’s nothing like a live audience out there watching and a stream of comments coming in throughout the hour. (Not to mention that it gives off great visibility and reach especially on FB. So here’s a tip – if you want to grow your FB reach, do FB Live!)

As of today, we have conducted 2 FB Live interviews – one with Dr Vimi and one with Gina Koay. Both are clients.

We first mooted the idea by asking through email if any one of our clients wanted to be on a FB Live with us.

Surprisingly we had such a good response that we have had to space everything and everyone out.

This round though I will be interviewing Dean Hua who is not a client but a longtime friend.

We have known each other since the mid-2000s, around the time I quit my corporate job to be Nic’s business partner. We joke that it was the pre-Facebook era and it sounds rather prehistoric!

I took to networking online and one of the networking platforms I found was Ryze. I met Dean who is an American of Vietnamese descent and lives in Washington DC on Ryze and we somehow developed a friendship over our love of marketing.

Over the years, we have kept in touch albeit periodically (time zones are tricky especially when we have a 12-hour difference). We see each other on LinkedIn (check out Dean’s LinkedIn) and catch up with each other with Skype every now and then.

And then I thought, why not get him to share what he knows about paid advertising.

Dean of Sachi Studio is focused on lead generation for businesses with an emphasis on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. He is very much a data and metrics guy with 10 years of experience in digital marketing. In the US, he helps business owners like dentists grow their practice based on his PPC techniques.

I thought it would be useful and enlightening to hear from him and have him offer a different perspective since he is in the US.

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