FB Live: Branding & Marketing Online

Catch me virtually again on Monday, 11 May when I get onto yet another FB Live to talk about a subject that I like a lot – marketing and branding.

This virtual event is organised by Sarikei Innovation Centre in Sarawak. It is an innovation centre initiated by the Sarawak State Government to connect the local communities and to kickstart within Sarikei an entrepreneurial ecosystem and ramp up economic opportunities.

For those of you who know us, Nic is from Kuching, Sarawak. We go back once a year and each time we do so, we lament that there’s so much opportunity in the Land of the Hornbill especially in the area of design.

The first thing I’d start with is packaging design! I’ve been going to Sarawak since the late 1990s (that’s when Nic and I were dating haha) and many things still have not evolved in a positive way. The local products are of quality but they have such poor packaging design.

I can name a few products that truly need a packaging revamp – tebaloi, kek lapis Sarawak, keropok, acar Sarawak, pepper sweets, peppercorn, Sarawak laksa paste, kachangma, rice snacks like ‘bee phang’, etc.

That was probably my biggest motivation in agreeing to share about branding and marketing. This is my way of contributing to the Sarawak community instead of grumbling about the state of how things are! (Things are slowly changing and I have my friend Ann Wong to thank for stirring things up a bit. She’s the powerhouse behind the Penan Women Project which we support with a website.)

This Monday afternoon (1pm to 4pm) I’ll be sharing the virtual stage with Julia Koh of Brand 360 Degree Sdn Bhd from Kuala Lumpur.

I will speak about online marketing and branding as this is where I believe I have a lot of experience and stories. After all, this is what I do when clients ask about positioning themselves online.

Log on to the Sarikei Innovation Centre FB page on Monday and if you have questions, please ask! That’s what FB Live is about – you get to ask questions of the speakers.

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