Join Us For FB Live This 16 April

We’re kicking off our FB Live series with a collaboration with our client, Stravik Business Consulting this Thursday, 16 April from 3pm to 4pm.

I’ll be having a conversation with Dr Vimi Ramasamy who has a wealth of experience to share about navigating change and uncertainty. For one, she has had interesting careers since graduating with a degree in engineering. From engineer to HR and then becoming the first female managing director of a MNC located in Penang and now starting her own consulting business, she has seen and navigated her own fair share of uncertainties and challenges. Dr Vimi is also a mom of two vivacious and smart girls.

Why FB Live and why now?

Well, we were both on the phone one day (actually last week!) and I told her, we should be having this conversation live and sharing our strategies with others. She gamely said yes and why not?

The thing about pitching ideas to friends is that you know they’ll be excited and yes, we truly have some opinions to share about reinventing ourselves. She has reinvented herself countless times; so have I. As entrepreneurs, we have to keep reinventing ourselves. We don’t have the leisure of a pay check and we always need to be on the look out for opportunities.

No doubt many people are finding the extended MCO tiresome and frustrating. Some are worried they won’t have jobs after this. Others aren’t sure where their next sale is coming from.

So we decided to do this FB Live to share some of our own strategies to navigate the uncertainty, the fears and the worries.

Join us for an hour of conversation – I promise it will be fun and interesting as it is a conversation between two friends who have lots of ideas to share!

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