Happy Chinese New Year + A Tip!

Just a quick announcement that we will be away for the Chinese New Year holidays until 31 January. We usually take a longer festive break as Nic is from Kuching and we will often spend the festive season in his hometown.

Thank you for your business and support as always.

Our handwritten CNY cards have been posted out – yes, we do this every festive season because nothing says it better than a real card that you can hold in your hands! Sure, there is WhatsApp but it’s so impersonal and people keep forwarding e-cards that truly don’t mean much at all. So if you’re in business and you want to make an impression, do the things that people don’t do and you will always stand out.

Is it tiring to write a personal message in each card? Yes.

Is it tiring to dig out all the business cards of people we know? Yes.

But it is worth the effort?

Double yes!

We’ve met people at events who remember us just because we send them real cards. I’ve had a few come up to me and thank me for the wonderfully affirming messages. People delete e-cards but they keep real cards.

It’s not so much the cost of the card but the time we put into writing and signing each and every card for our valued clients, friends and supporters.

Kung Hei Fatt Choy to you and have a memorable Year of the Metal Rat!

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