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Nic and I will be both speaking at next month’s Google Developer Group’s BizFest and DevFest at TAR College, Penang. He will be speaking about entrepreneurship and yes you can play the Big Timer game he invented while I will be talking about how to leverage Google to market your startup.

These two parallel events – DevFest and BizFest – are by GDG (Google Developer Group) and GBG (Google Business Group) respectively.

DevFest is mainly for developers, students, startups and anyone interested to learn the latest trends and technical knowledge of Google platform, product APIs and open source technologies.

BizFest, on the other hand, brings together professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, programmers and students to learn and share insights on innovations for the future.

nic sim redbox studio big timer game

Actually I don’t really like the word “startup” much. I much prefer the word “business” because essentially, a startup is a business. Maybe the business is still in its infancy but if you don’t start using the word “business”, you’d be stuck in your startup phase for a long time!

Last year, Nic was also invited to speak at GDG George Town. I wasn’t around then as I was on a family trip to visit my uncle in Manila but this year, the GDG organising team asked me months ahead of time to speak.

I’ve planned my 45-minute talk to be as interactive as possible and I’ve included some interesting activities that the audience can be engaged with as well as take home some useful knowledge.

Nic will be talking about entrepreneurship as that’s his fave topic and he also has some activities that will help you think about your business.

GDG George Town DevFest & BizFest 2019 at TAR College, Penang

Devfest & Bizfest George Town 2019
Date: 30 November 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
Location: Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC PG)

Check out the list of topics and speakers.

Whether you are a developer or a business owner, join us for a day of networking, learning and action. Get your tickets (they come with some cool swag or so I’m told): https://devfest-bizfest.gdggeorgetown.com

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