Marketing Mojo #28 & Thanks For Being Part of our History

People who attended Marketing Mojo in China House Cafe Penang
We decided to have some early Christmas cheer! Missing 2 more people – Cheah Kiu Hong and Mardilyn King

Yesterday’s Marketing Mojo was such a great ending to our 7 years of organising this event. It was also our 28th edition and it also proves that entrepreneurs in Penang are interested to discuss marketing and network with people of similar growth mindsets.

Nic Sim talking about strategy at Marketing Mojo at China House Cafe Penang
Nic explains strategy using the billiards table.

Each quarter, we have presented topics that are close to any entrepreneurs’ hearts – from websites to ecommerce, from talking about collaborations to partners, from discussing strategy for small businesses to marketing one’s business and more.

Nic has never shied away from tough topics because we have always dealt with and helped entrepreneurs (like our clients) through our consulting and coaching.

But the key to marketing is to understand that a robust website is the starting point of any marketing.

Vimales Ramasamy introducing her business Stravik Business Consulting at Marketing Mojo Penang
Everyone gets a chance to introduce who they are and what business they are in. This encourages alliances and potential collaborations.

If you don’t have a website today, you can’t be visible and you can’t be effective at marketing. But how does one use a website? How does one create a website? You can find out all about these key topics in our book, Web Wisdom.

But more than that, we go beyond websites.

We are essentially a marketing company because we live, breathe and teach marketing and websites are a vehicle to help you do smarter marketing.

Mardilyn King of Vision Academy Penang at Marketing Mojo China House Cafe organised by Redbox Studio
Mardilyn of Vision Academy has been one of the most regular attendees of Marketing Mojo – having attended some 5 years or so!

In the coming years, a website is going to be even more important as people are tired of social media platforms – the ‘noise’ and incessant mindless chatter, not to mention the constant annoyances in the form of advertising! People are looking for meaningful interaction and engagement and this is where the website truly shines.

Krista Goon of Redbox Studio with Marketing Mojo guests
It’s always fun at Marketing Mojo!

This is a topic we go back to again and again: your website can so much potential that you have never explored. It is your shop, it is your customer service (think chatbots), it is your PR and communications, it is your branding, it is your real HQ. It is where you control what you can present and what customers and prospects know and understand about you.

It is also the best place for you to talk about what you want to talk about – exactly like what you’re reading right now on our blog.

Marketing Mojo is organised by Redbox Studio Penang
China House Cafe has been our venue partner for the past 7 years. They’ve been amazing in serving us the best food ever.

So what is next?

Plenty! We will be starting our 2020 with a brand new programme for entrepreneurs like you. After 21 years helping entrepreneurs grow their business using websites that are created to convince and convert, we know that there’s nothing like starting the year with the right eco-system for marketing.

So if you want to know more, sign up for our newsletter. We will announce it through our newsletter first.

In the meantime, for more photos of our final Marketing Mojo, check out this album.

For a quick idea what transpired yesterday, here’s a video.

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