Last Call: Marketing Mojo

This is a final reminder and last call if you want to join us for Marketing Mojo happening this Wednesday 27 November 2019 at China House Cafe, Penang from 3pm to 6pm.

It is also our LAST EVENT under this series which we have been organising for the past 7 years for entrepreneurs and business owners in Penang.

Technically, we are a marketing company because marketing is what we do best.

And these days, marketing is what you should be focusing on as everything in a business is about marketing. Whether you market online or offline, you need to understand the fundamentals of marketing and understand how people buy.

This is why Marketing Mojo started.

We wanted to impart our marketing ideas and concepts that we have been using to develop websites and create websites as marketing assets for our clients. A website as a marketing asset is wholly different from a regular website.

A marketing asset helps you generate leads and prospects. It continually positions you as the business to do business with.

Just the other day, a friend asked, “How do you sell services when people can’t see it or touch it but trust you enough to buy from you (and pay you first?)?”

This is where pre-selling works. When you are selling services, you need your reputation, credibility, work and more to precede you BEFORE the prospect even meets you or shakes your hand.

How do you make pre-selling happen?

Pre-selling these days happen online. It starts with a website.

Without a website that’s created to pre-sell you today, you can’t do much marketing.

If you want to advertise on Facebook, you need to lead prospects back to a landing page on your website. If you want to highlight your expertise, you need to lead prospects to your website to find out why you’re damn good.

If you can’t afford a website, you will have to do much more manual marketing. You have to work harder at establishing your credibility and reputation. You have to compete with others in the same industry.

Pre-selling with a website does the job quicker especially if you work with marketing people like Nic and me.

But you also need a marketing ecosystem and that’s what we will be teaching next year in our group coaching.

All this will be announced in detail when you join us at Marketing Mojo this Wednesday.

Get your tickets before we close the buy button tomorrow.

And of course, you will meet a bunch of interesting entrepreneurs who have signed up for this final event of our Marketing Mojo series.

See you on Wednesday!

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