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Hello everyone! We just completed our Marketing Mojo yesterday at China House Cafe and while it was a smaller group this round, we still had good fun!

The food was great as always with lots of thumbs-up for the chocolate banana cake, lemon poppyseed cake and ginger cake besides the to-die-for classic potato salad, lamb empanadas, salads and chicken lasagne. We often let our guests know that they don’t need to have lunch prior – just come for Marketing Mojo and our hi-tea spread will be more than enough.

We had a lawyer, a communications consultant, an NGO founder, a bookstore assistant and an Airbnb homestay provider join the bunch of regulars whom we fondly call Mojoers.

We feed our Mojoers well, thanks to China House Cafe, Penang.

As always, the crowd didn’t want to leave even when we had ended at 6pm. Some of them stayed on until 7.30pm to discuss more marketing.

We discuss serious marketing stuff at Marketing Mojo. Stuff that you can take home and get right down to work!

Kim, one of our attendees, said that she had spoken to many web designers but she still comes back to our Marketing Mojo events because we’re the only tech and web people who know and teach marketing well besides knowing how to design and develop websites. That is high praise!

Kim even bought our book, Web Wisdom!

With a topic like websites, we knew many would be keen to solve their main challenges. Some of the questions that were asked:

  1. My website ranks well in Google but it seems I am not getting the kinds of customers that I really want. What could be the issue?
  2. Our website is highly popular the world over and overseas people know so much about us and our NGO work. But I want more locals to know us and donate to us. How do I do that?
  3. As a lawyer, I’m not allowed to “advertise” so I am hesitant about getting a website. I wonder what can I do to let more people know about the legal services that I provide?
  4. I want to know how to use a website to promote some exclusive apartments and condominiums. I have a page on a popular property site but I don’t want to be seen with hundreds of other property agents vying for the same customers.
  5. We run a bookstore and we want to know how to use our website to promote our books to more people online. We have an Instagram account but how do we use this together with our website?
  6. I get 200 to 300 visitors to my website each month. Is that good?

Nic showed our guests how they should be thinking of their marketing and many immediately had moments of clarity and enlightenment!

“So that’s why I’ve been doing all my website marketing all wrong!” someone exclaimed.

Part of what makes Marketing Mojo so interesting (if we may say so ourselves) is that our tools for thinking about marketing are all original concepts created by Nic. He has the ability to create tools and worksheets that enable our Mojoers to understand complex concepts so that they can work on their marketing.

We don’t use Powerpoints or any tech. We go back to real-world activities like drawing!

A lot of people struggle through their marketing because they don’t have a framework to think about their marketing. They do marketing in bits and pieces, latching onto the latest trend (is Instagram trendy now? OK let’s start our IG account today) without considering how this new piece of social media fits into their overall strategy!

Or they indulge in copycat marketing – they’re just copying what their competitors are doing. They don’t know why they’re frustrated and burned out, unable to cope with their social media and website updates. They don’t know what they’re trying to accomplish in their own marketing.

What we do particularly well is to cut out all the tactics – you can learn tactics on your own but you need a framework to help you think about marketing. Once you have a framework, you understand the principles of what you’re trying to do. Your tactics will fall into place and you can decide if you want to take on yet another social media platform.

Your framework is your anchor to help you make sense of the marketing that you are doing.

Nic comes up with 100% original frameworks and tools for entrepreneurship thinking.
Making new friends and hanging out with a beer after Mojo.

This invaluable framework gave many of our Mojoers a-ha moments yesterday. They finally were able to see why they struggled so much in their own marketing. They didn’t know what they were doing and were simply emulating others, hoping something would work.

This is what we teach. Not just your everyday tactical marketing. We teach frameworks and metacognition – teaching you how to think about your marketing and business. When you know how to think, you know how to solve your marketing problems.

Join us for the next one on 27 November, same time, same place.

Join us for our final edition of Marketing Mojo this 27 November at China House Cafe where Nic will share more frameworks to help you craft your strategy for 2020. You don’t want to miss this. Check this out for more photos of our event.

(It’s our final edition as we’ve been conducting 7 years’ worth of Marketing Mojo. We will take a break and will no longer organise this event. But we will be back with more exciting programmes based on our observations of your business needs.)

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