Make Your Website Work For You

Event organised by Redbox Studio Penang about using websites for marketing

If you want to know how to really use your website to bring you solid marketing results, then join us for Marketing Mojo next week. 

Our Marketing Mojo happens next Wednesday, 25 Sept at China House Cafe, Penang (2:30pm to 6pm).

Delicious refreshments and fun networking included. 

Nic will explain:

  • how your website should function in your marketing system (and not as a nice-to-have) 
  • how to ensure you don’t lose the potential earnings from the prospects who do end up at your website 
  • how to get your business ready for ecommerce especially if you want to capture a bigger slice of the market 

Most people don’t use their websites the right way and that’s why their websites NEVER work for them!

They keep on using Facebook and Instagram but never lead their prospects back to the one place that they can make a sale or get an enquiry – their website! 

If marketing more effectively is what you are interested in, then you need to know how marketing online works.

And it starts with your website. But what must be on your website to help you make that sale or get that enquiry? 

That’s what we’re going to discuss next Wednesday based on our 21 years of experience developing websites that produce results.

If you want the results they’re getting, join us next week and we will let you in on more than a few secrets of the website world. 

Get a ticket:

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