Secrets of High-Quality Websites

Your prospects can immediately tell if you’re a reputable business by looking at your website.

That’s why you must ensure that if you have a website, it has to be a high-quality, credible website will all the elements that project the best of your business. 

Here’s what most prospects look at:

* websites that are visually appealing and doesn’t look too ‘busy’ 

*websites that load fast (if your website takes too long to load, your prospects get anxious and impatient and leave)

* websites which have updated content that’s relevant to them and their needs (not to you and what you want to say or show on your website).

Here’s a tip: if you ever think of updating your FB page with photos of your event or product, update your website FIRST and only later update your FB. Make your website your HQ at all times. 

* websites with easy navigation – you can easily click on the menu and find what you are looking for. This also shows the website design has been properly thought out in terms of making life easy for website visitors. If they have to click more than 3 times to get the content they want, you have to re-think your website content architecture.  

* websites with clear, high-quality images of actual people, not stock photos. Snap some photos of your own and choose to use these over commercial stock imagery. 

* websites without technical errors, spelling errors or broken links. Your website shouldn’t frustrate your prospects and visitors or show you in a bad light. Browse your own website to check for errors. If you key in reminders for yourself on your Google Calendar to check your website every 3 months for errors, you are more likely to catch any mistakes that could affect your business and its reputation.

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