Back from Hawaii & Singapore

It’s been rather quiet in this blog lately but it’s because I went off for a two-week leadership programme to Honolulu, USA. I’m proud that I was the only one selected from Malaysia and I got a full scholarship too.

You can read all about it in my personal blog but I will be talking about the Changing Faces Women’s Leadership programme this 30 August so if you’re a woman in business, sign up for my talk. All proceeds go back to WomenBizSENSE, the women entrepreneur association I co-founded some 13 years ago. I’m still the advisor so I have a soft spot for my ‘baby’ hence the exclusivity of this talk at our monthly business meeting.

When I got back from that transformative programme, I had barely time to rest despite my 30 over hours of flying time before Nic and I hopped on a plane for Singapore.

Nic Sim Krista Goon
Can’t help but marvel at efficient things are in Singapore

We were attending the ELC2019 – another inspiring and powerful leadership conference which featured many authentic Singaporean thought leaders and even our own YB Hannah Yeoh. The three-day event at SunTec Convention Centre was packed with activities such as site visits, masterclasses and plenary discussions.

Prof Neo Boon Siong and Peter Chao discuss the concept of authentic, agile and accountable leaders

The day we arrived in Singapore we also took the opportunity to debut our Big Timer game to some Singaporean entrepreneurs. It was thanks to our contact and friend, Daniel who put the event together for us at the Lifelong Learning Institute. We felt the venue was apt since our game was all about learning!

We’re definitely excited to work with overseas trainers using our game. It has been such a fruitful July for us in Redbox Studio as we immersed ourselves into learning.

As always, people wanted to buy our game. Big Timer isn’t for sale. It’s a tool for trainers.

As entrepreneurs, we sometimes forget that we need to ‘sharpen the saw’ to quote the late Stephen Covey. Sharpening the saw means learning and relearning and taking time to think instead of just doing, doing, doing all the time.

I encourage you to pause sometimes and take in a conference or two. At the very least, you could meet some new friends, have a change of scenery and enjoy a break that is all about making you an even better leader than before.

Nic explains the game to our Singaporean friends who were intrigued!

We even visited a hi-tech supermarket cum cafe in Singapore which was a fun experience. (To catch a video of this, check out our FB page.)

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