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We concluded our Marketing Mojo #26 yesterday at China House Cafe where Nic spoke about the importance of strategic partnership and collaboration. In fact, if you’re a business owner, knowing how to partner up with other business owners is key.

Good partners and collaborators will help you grow your business and enter new markets. Good partners will also ensure that you are well taken care of!

But the main thing about collaborations is that you need to enter into a working partnership with an open heart and good intentions. Far too often people want collaborations because they’re seeing it as beneficial for THEM and start with a selfish need to get more customers!

Nic challenged everyone at Marketing Mojo to look beyond one’s selfish needs; in fact, the very art of good collaboration is to put your own needs last. If you can do this and you have a partner who is just as selfless as you, the relationship will be encouraging and improve over time.

Most people enter into a working relationship with a need to sell more of what they have or keep pitching others over and over.

Over the years, we have learnt that a good partner is one who has integrity and one you can truly trust. Without integrity and trust, the partnership fails. Without a desire to work together in a genuine way, the collaboration will disintegrate. (To find out how to prevent mishaps along the way, check out our do’s and don’ts for finding that perfect partner.)

Ask yourself: “How can I help this other person?” rather than “How can I sell more of my products?”

The shift in focus is the enabler of all good collaborations. Once the focus is on helping another, you are already becoming a true partner. You are not focused on your needs only but on the collective desire to help each other. Only when two people really put aside their own wants and needs can a true partnership grow.

So for our next Marketing Mojo, we will be talking about the very thing that we are truly good at – websites! A website gives your business legitimacy and also it’s the first place your potential partner/collaborator will check before they decide to work with you. So your website must look credible and respectable. But most business owners don’t pay enough attention to their websites and this simply ruins all the potential opportunities coming their way.

We’ve been designing websites (including optimizing websites and creating unique content for websites) since 1998. That’s a good 21 years and we will show you how to turn your website into a marketing machine. That is what we have been doing for our clients and we will share what is usually called insider knowledge including tips and tricks of our web design trade with you.

This session will prompt you to think about using your website more effectively instead of letting it languish online without a goal or objective.

Get your tickets before the price goes up (RM100 per person if you buy before 31 August; RM150 per person when you buy on 1 Sept onwards).

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