Marketing Your Copywriting Business

“Where can I get copywriting jobs as a copywriter? What’s the best platform to list my services without having to pay?”

Attract the business to you. But first, you need to do some prep work and build up your reputation and get reviews of your work.

Find 3 small businesses who need copywriting help. You can charge a smaller fee (but charge nevertheless) since you are starting out. Let these business owners know that you are giving them a discount rate but inform them that you will be asking them for a review once you have delivered your work.

Look for business owners who are willing to support you and help you out in this area – after all, they will be struggling to write their own copy. Most people do.

Next, get your own website set up. Write about your experience and what you can help with (brochures? web content? business plans?) and include the reviews that you have.

It is also best to narrow down your audience – who do you want to write for, exactly?

If you know the who, it is much easier to do the marketing.

If you write for doctors, you should keep narrowing it down until you get to a specialist group (gynaecologists for instance). When you narrow it down this way, your marketing will be far more effective and targeted.

When you know you can help gynaecologists, you can find them – online and offline. Craft your benefits for this group. Include a really compelling USP (please don’t say you are cheaper than most copywriters!) why they need to work with you.

This is what we do with clients who come to us for marketing help. We use this process to help them niche down their target audience. Once you have your target audience, marketing becomes a lot easier. The message is clearer too as you know who you are talking to.

Then you can put yourself in their shoes and ask the questions they’re asking or feel the worries they’re feeling.

When you do this, you attract customers to you and you never need to list yourself in some platform where you’re competing with hundreds of other copywriters.

Most business owners’ are not clear about their marketing and this is why they struggle to attract the customers they want. Sometimes you can’t figure out your own marketing because you’re too involved in your business and you can’t get a bird’s eye view of your entire business.

Whenever you’re ready, here are 4 ways we can help you get better quality customers:

1. Attend our Marketing Mojo events where we teach specific strategies for marketing.

2. Get a copy of our book, Web Wisdom where we reveal more strategies for helping you market smarter with a website. A website is one of the fastest ways you can use to project credibility for your own business and make your business look like a big business.

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4. Work with us and get an in-depth marketing consultation. If you’re ready and serious about solving your marketing problem, contact us.

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