General Surgeon’s Website Case Study

dr khoo saye thiam of lam wah ee hospital penang
Dr Khoo Saye Thiam of Lam Wah Ee Hospital, Penang

Dr Khoo Saye Thiam, a website client of ours and a general surgeon at Lam Wah Ee Hospital emailed us just two days ago excitedly.

“Thought you might like to know my website managed to pick up a patient from Nigeria who actually came for his op! A really great demonstration of the reach of the website!”

Even his wife was surprised and a little incredulous!

We can tell you how our premium websites are crafted with care and written after hours and hours of interviews with the client.

We can talk about colour psychology, of colours selected carefully to reflect the image and professionalism of our clients.

We can also describe the painstaking process of spending hours researching significant keywords which are carefully selected and written into the website content, headlines, subheads and page titles. (Buy our book and learn how to do this on your own.)

We can go on and on but nothing beats the results that come out of these hours of hard work.

That’s why we know our websites work.

Our websites represent the best of our clients and have the power of convincing and persuading with ease and effectiveness.

When we get feedback like Dr Khoo’s, we’re thankful that our effort, experience and expertise have helped countless business owners, especially doctors, to market professionally and ethically.

He is not the only one.

Another doctor client has happily told friends that he managed to buy his new BMW as a result of the patients that his fertility website is attracting.

With our websites, our doctor clients are already positioned as experts and authority of their field even before their patients see them face to face.

You could call us the secret marketing weapon for doctors.

dr khoo saye thiam lam wah ee penang
Nic with Dr Khoo Saye Thiam of Lam Wah Ee Hospital, Penang.
We love knowing how our websites perform for our clients. Here’s one of them via email from Dr Khoo himself.

If you want to read the story of how a Nigerian journalist, author and civil rights activist travelled 10,240km to see Dr Khoo for his thyroid surgery, check out this amazing story.

If you’re a doctor who is very good at what you do but find it hard to get known or get visible online and want to use a smarter way to build your own pipeline of patients and brand yourself and your medical practice positively, consider working with us at Redbox Studio.

We start with a discovery session to find out where your strengths are and what your patients could be looking for. After this session, you can decide how and when to move forward with the development of your online marketing ecosystem which starts with a website of your own.

If you are not ready yet to market yourself online, here’s how we can still help you:

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