27 March Marketing Mojo: E-commerce Edition

marketing mojo e-commerce

This month, we are back again with our Marketing Mojo event and if you’re interested in selling online or going online, make sure you join us on 27 March at China House Cafe.

As Jack Ma of Ali Baba says, if you don’t go digital, you’ll have more challenges in the future.

Since everyone wants to know how to make the best of going online and how to market as effectively as possible, Nic will be talking about e-commerce strategies on 27 March.

This will be our 7th year organizing Marketing Mojo and we have been hosting this event at China House Cafe each time. We are doing this because we know all of you want to know about online strategies and marketing more effectively and there’s no better way to learn than in a group.

But this year will be our final year for Marketing Mojo as we have an even bigger idea for 2020.

We will be taking a break (yes, teaching is no joke and creating events can be challenging especially when we still run a web design business) as we have been adding a lot to our schedule for the past few years (e.g. conducting our Big Timer game sessions)!

Like all things in business, there comes a time for a review and to see if the project is still relevant.

We can teach so much more and organize so many more Marketing Mojo to come but we have to be realistic about our time, especially since we look at time as a finite resource.

So yes, Marketing Mojo is coming to an end but we have something new that we will announce by the end of this year.

Sign up for this month’s Marketing Mojo or grab this checklist for starting e-commerce.

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