Join Us For The CNY Edition of Big Timer Session in Kuching


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If you are in Kuching on 10 February, join us for a special Chinese New Year edition of the Big Timer game!


This time, Nic will also be sharing about strategy before the start of the game. And at the end of the game, you get to learn about applying what you’ve learnt into your own business.

Of course, the other added benefit is that you get to meet other entrepreneurs in Kuching and exchange ideas.

We had a session last July and everyone enjoyed the game tremendously. Here are some photos of last year’s session.

big timer game redbox studio

Why Kuching and why during Chinese New Year?

Because Nic and I will be in Kuching for Chinese New Year (his parents reside in Cat City).

And we’re always looking to meet more people especially people in business and we thought, why not conduct our game again for those who didn’t manage to have a go at it the last round?


After all, it will be on a Sunday afternoon and if you’re sick and tired of munching on CNY snacks and watching TV, this is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and meet some new friends at Chef At Home cafe, Min Chu Garden, Kuching. 



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We have a promo code (cny2019) that you can use when you get the tickets to get you the 50% discount rate. Do help us spread the word to your friends in Kuching too!

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