Merry Christmas & Don’t Forget The Deal

Christmas Facebook Cover

Merry Christmas everyone! We’ve been busy these few weeks with a few new website projects as it seems everyone wants their website launched or ready by the New Year!

The New Year is definitely a good time to work on launching new businesses as well as new websites to go with them.

For the recent contest that we held, unfortunately, we couldn’t award anyone with Maresa’s books as none of the entries met our requirements. For that reason, we would be keeping Maresa’s Great Business, Great Life books for another giveaway.

The Marketing Mojo Deal Until 28 Dec

Don’t forget that we have another deal that’s running – our special for Marketing Mojo in 2019. We’re closing that deal by 28 Dec so get that deal (RM300 for 4 Marketing Mojo tickets) quick before it ends. Once it ends, the tickets will be sold at RM100 each and if you walk in during the event, it will be RM150.

We’re going to focus on helping you create more value in your business in 2019 especially when you attend our Marketing Mojo events. Nic will be going deeper into products, customers and retail as we’ve realised a lot of you are interested in how you can use these ideas in re-working your business.

New Services Coming Your Way

Many of you are also too overwhelmed by digital marketing and all the things you have to do. Business owners especially those in their 40s can’t seem to make sense of what to do first. Sure they’ve gone for e-commerce talks, they’ve enrolled in digital marketing classes and online marketing workshops. They’ve learnt about creating Facebook ads and how they must update their FB with interesting content (funnily, no one ever explains what ‘interesting’ looks like).

Smart people have done all this – we know friends who’ve taken class after class on digital marketing – but you know what’s missing? No one tells them that they don’t have to do it on their own.

Really? Do you expect to do stuff like this on your own, on top of managing your team and customers and ensuring operations run smoothly? On top of creating thought leadership via articles and case studies and all that writing and communications stuff (which isn’t even your strength in the first place?).

When Nic and I hear these grouses, we know what you’re saying. We know that at some point, you have to admit that you’re good at running a business but you have to outsource some of the stuff you cannot and don’t want to do.

So you’ve asked for help and that is why we will be introducing some new services in 2019. Watch out for these new developments in the first quarter of 2019.

Ready for E-commerce? Get Our Free Checklist

E-commerce is going to be huge in 2019 so if you haven’t started selling online, you should really re-consider this as a way to increase your reach and revenue. A number of our clients have begun to transform their websites to start selling their products on their website.

Start with our free e-commerce checklist. We encourage you to look at it and get familiar with e-commerce as it will be a game-changer.

Our Book, Version 2.0 & We Want Your Review, Pronto

We’re also updating our book, Web Wisdom, as 2 years have passed since our book was published.

If you’ve read our book and have a review for us, send the review to us by 31 January and we may even add it into the second version of the book we’re doing in the first quarter of 2019.

Many readers have found our book not only useful but practical and have even made money by following the techniques we outline.

And of course, if you are new to us, do sign up for our newsletter. We provide more good stuff on marketing via our monthly newsletter.

In 2019, we’ll be sharing a lot more on the insider stuff – we noticed a lot of people enjoy discovering how we create, design, write and manage websites but it’s not just the technical parts of the process, it’s also the psychology and mindset of running a business. So sign up if you haven’t yet done so!

The year is coming to an end but before that, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

Thank you for being a part of our journey and community.

Whether you read our blog, follow us on FB or open our newsletters and emails, we thank you for your support and loyalty.

We have had people telling others about us in good ways and we believe that you can do business with integrity and conscience. We always know that Penang is a small business community and what goes around comes around so it’s always good to know that we are in good standing in our business community.

Next year will be our 21 years in business. We hope to help even more entrepreneurs and business owners in our 21st year with the ideas, strategies and lessons we’ve learnt over the past two decades.

Thank you once more from the heart. Enjoy the Christmas and New Year break!

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